Our transport

We are the owners of this business – John and Kate Hussey – and we are building our cattle transport schedule slowly, working at it in line with their own farming commitments. These are the building blocks that we believe will lead to steady growth and long-term relationships with clients.

  • Local. We live in South West WA and we service the local area.
  • Small Loads. We’re not a big time cattle transporter. We’re a owner operator carrier with one truck for small loads.
  • Timeliness. We try to always be on time, but we prefer being 15 minutes early.
  • Quiet handling. We try to handle cattle quietly and calmly. If we just have patience and give cattle a little time, most often the loading goes smoothly.

We know that having the right equipment means safe, reliable transport for our own cattle, as well as our clients cattle.  The challenge is balancing the costs of maintenance and insurance to provide what is a  worthwhile service – it’s a service to other people with cattle.

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