Thunder is our senior resident bull and he’s a calm compassionate fellow, who is the self appointed leader of the fold. He’s great at bringing the new arrivals into the fold and making them feel welcome. He’s also one for babysitting his calves when Mum wants to go grazing and he’s always there to calm down a weaner who’s crying. Thor is our young bull is dun in colour, and he is a very sweet natured boy who loves to be brushed. He has made his debut with our cows in the 2022 season.

Our cows are : Winter – white, Taffy – yellow, Illusion – black, Savannah – yellow, Charcoal – black, Cloud – dun, Phoenix – dun and Wildfire – red. Two of our young Heifers Ash and Crystal are dun, and other two young Heifers Flame and Ruby are red. Each cow has her own big personality and beautiful features. Most of our cows are experienced Mothers, although Wildfire and Cloud were first time mothers in 2021.

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