About Us

Coppers Crossing is our farm located in the forest in South West WA close to the towns of Kirup and Nannup. We’re off the grid and we share our 100 acres with our beloved animals. I think this quote sums up how we feel about our animals: –

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” –Anatole France

We have been steadily growing our Highland Cow fold since 2014, and we have been producing calves since September 2017. We currently have 8 cows and we have welcomed lots of their calves since then, with more due in 2022.

Our current fold consists of:-

  • Thunder – our bull (Red)
  • Thor – young bull (Dun)
  • Winter – female (white)
  • Taffy – female (yellow) & polled
  • Illusion – female (black)
  • Savannah – female (yellow)
  • Wildfire – female (red) – first time Mum in 2021
  • Phoenix – female (dunn)
  • Charcoal – female (black/brindle)
  • Cloud – young female (Dunn) – first time Mum in 2021
  • Crystal – heifer 1 year old
  • Ash – heifer 1 year old
  • Ruby – heifer 11 months old
  • Flame – heifer 10 months old

Our animals are friendly and curious and we interact with them daily. They are very familiar with people, dogs, miniature horses, alpacas and sheep.

We advertise our calves at a young age, and following a discussion with you and a visit to the farm, we then take a deposit to secure the sale, which goes ahead when the calf is weaned at 9 months old. We only sell to homes where our animals will have acreage to keep them as a pet or a breeder for their fold. Cows are very social animals and need company, so our calves will need a companion calf or cow.

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